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Improve hypercalcemia rates to positively impact QIP scores.

Project Background

IPRO ESRD Network Programs are implementing CMS designated activities to decrease rates of hypercalcemia at the facility level. Facilities will be provided with root cause analysis (RCA) templates that the Network will review with the project team to develop a Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) Plan for improving rates of hypercalcemia. The project will be conducted beginning in March of 2016, and will end when the facility reaches either a 25% relative improvement in rates of hypercalcemia or when the facility exceeds the QIP threshold for this QIP measure.

Project Timeline:


  • The Network will provide a notice of participation in this activity, as well as a template for evaluating the root cause of hypercalcemia
  • Facilities will use the provided RCA template to review hypercalcemia rates with the interdisciplinary team during QAPI meetings. Follow up with the
  • The Network will contact a designated Facility Representative to determine a date and time to meet with the team in March to (1) Review the RCA template and discuss findings and to (2) provide the facility with a PDSA to improve rates

March- Achievement of Improvement

  1. Facilities implement PDSA and provide a summary report to the Network on a monthly basis any key observations discussed during monthly QAPI by either email
  2. Periodic conference calls with Network staff to adjust and evaluate PDSA cycle if not improving

If you have any questions or comments about the QIA, your involvement, or future interventions please feel free your Quality Improvement Department (listed to the right) by email.  We look forward to working with you in this coming year’s activities!


Quality of Care

Initiative Contacts:

Network 1 (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)
Kristin Brickel, RN, MSN, MHA, CNN
Quality Improvement Director

Network 2 (NY)
Carol Lyden, RN, BSN, MS, CNN
Quality Improvement Director

Network 6 (GA, NC, SC)
Wambui Kungu, BS, HSM
 Quality Improvement Coordinator

Network 9 (IN, KY, OH)
 Deborah DeWalt, RN, MSN
 Quality Improvement Director