Treatment Barriers

Prevent treatment barriers before they become an access to care problem.  If a patient is at risk of IVD, IVT, or F2P, please contact the Network immediately.

Access to care cases include those involving involuntary discharge, involuntary transfer, and failure to place.

Involuntary Discharge (IVD)

An involuntary discharge is a discharge initiated by the treating dialysis facility without the patient’s agreement.

Involuntary Transfer (IVT)

An involuntary transfer occurs when the transferring facility temporarily or permanently closes due to a merger, or due to an emergency or disaster situation, or due to other circumstances, and the patient is dissatisfied with the transfer to another facility.

Failure to Place (F2P)

A failure to place is defined as a situation in which no outpatient dialysis facility can be located that will accept an ESRD patient for routine dialysis treatment.